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The Venerable Viking

GM Screen / DM Screen

GM Screen / DM Screen

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These tri-fold GM screens are massive yet compact! Folded down, the screen is a mere 3 inches deep which will fit into most large backpacks. Each panel is 11x14 and unfurls up to 24” or a little more.  

“But then where will I fit my rule books?”

Hah! Silly mortal!!  Each section of the folding screen will hold an average RPG rule book* or even one huge fat one like the Dungeon Crawl Classics book! Check out the video if you don’t believe us!

The GM screen is made from wood, each with a cool design and given a badass finish. We try to keep several styles to choose from but often cannot. 😢 (they go quickly).

Inside there is also three panels to affix maps, random charts or quick ref campaign information needed to keep your game pace moving steady.  These DM screens have been thoroughly tested until we came up with this final design. 

This DM screen can be a powerful artifact made for any GM from aspiring to accomplished. A perfect accessory for the master of dice, fates, and weaver of worlds!


*fitment for any specific book not guaranteed. Bummer, but there are a lot of things you can store in there for travel anyway…papers, iPad, pens/pencils, DICE!!! You’re running the show. You figure it out. 

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