I found this wooden token…

What luck! You’ve been given one of our Viking Rune Tokens!  We often use these as a type of calling card at many of the events we attend! There are 24 total runes in all. Each one is ascribed a talismanic* purpose. Just as you might pocket a face-up penny or a four leaf clover for good luck, the Vikings used runes for a similar purpose. The Viking people viewed their alphabet as part of the Viking religion because their god Odin paid a great price to gain the knowledge of the runes. They believed that each one held a power for what we would today know as good luck. Since there were 24 of them, each rune meant something different than the others so the power of the runes were used to give them hope, allowing them to overcome obstacles and hardships of their daily lives. 

At our events, we insist that our visitors do not look at the rune they take because we believe it is the rune that chooses the person, not the other way round. In fact, more often than not, a visitor will receive a rune and say “Wow, that makes sense because…”  If you had witnessed this as many times as we have you might find yourself believing in the power of the runes as we do. 

Regardless of your religion or belief system, we hope this rune token will help you, or that you pass it along to someone else in need. You don’t have to believe in the power of runes or even a four leaf clover to carry one around in your wallet or purse! Who knows…it may help!

The Venerable Viking can make custom wooden tokens for you or your business as well! They make great take-aways for your customers, wedding attendees, the birth of a new baby or as your own personal calling card.

Each token can hold your company logo, names of those getting married or anything else you want! The opposite side is used for a QR code which can direct anyone with a smartphone to a website, photo album, social media profile or any page of your choosing by simply focusing on the QR code with the phone’s camera.

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*The talismanic use of the runes is for “luck charms” and meant to be worn or carried, or perhaps placed in one’s home. Sometimes the Vikings made a combination of various runes either by making a row of them (known as a runestave) or overlapping patterns (called bindrunes).

The Viking people also used the runes to help them reveal things consciously unknown to them. We find that as opposed to something like tarot cards, the runes are more introspective. Often they reveal things within you that you had overlooked or forgotten. Sometimes they tell of future happenings, but in our experience it is not necessarily “magic information from the gods or the universe” but something that, if we reason and analyze, we should already know. Sometimes they simply point our thoughts in the correct direction.