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The Venerable Viking

Tree of Life Plate

Tree of Life Plate

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These 13 inch plates are made of acacia wood and adorned with the tree of life or as we Vikings say, Yggdrasil.  

Yggdrasil is an eternal green ash tree in Norse mythology. It stands in the middle of the world, with branches that stretch out over all of the realms. It is known simply as the world tree.

The name Yggdrasil should be understood in the context of Odin’s connection with the world tree. Odin who is always in pursuit of more knowledge, once sacrificed himself on the tree to gain more knowledge.

This World Tree or Tree of Life has roots in many different cultures over the span of human history. See what we did there?

One plate is engraved with the symbol while the other plate features a layered 3D style design. Neither is intended to be eaten off of. What kind of primitive barbarian are you anyway?

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