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The Venerable Viking

Rune Casting Wheel

Rune Casting Wheel

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Use one of these 11” boards when casting your runes. We’ve been studying the runes for over 35 years and after this long we‘be developed some tweaks on what specific runes reveal to us in a casting. However, this rune board reflects our experience and is pretty dang cool.  We use one just like it for the three rune cast: Issue, Influence, Outcome.

We generally suggest to people that you create your own hand carved set of runes yourself which makes them bound to you.  However we realize that not everyone has this skill set, so one set of handmade wooden runes will be included with our casting boards. Each rune set is unique and done on demand. One of these rune casting sets will take about an extra week to produce. On the plus side, if you do endeavor to carve your own set of runes and suck at it, the addition of some of your own blood will absolutely bind your runes to you!

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