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The Venerable Viking

Jenkies & Jeepers & Zoinks & Ruh-roh

Jenkies & Jeepers & Zoinks & Ruh-roh

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The maple piece is Appx 9x4, the Cherry finish is Appx 12x6. Each is cool as hell! Show your love of mystery, trippy vans, meddling kids, sleuthing Great Danes or 60’s-70’s animated strangeness!

“Brainiac Velma, jock Fred, fashionista Daphne, hippie Shaggy, and Shaggy's highstrung, talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, climb into their green van, the Mystery Machine, and hit the road in search of weird phenomena to solve. And even when Scooby and the gang aren't actively searching for them, mysteries just have a way of falling into their laps. Ruh-roh!”

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