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The Venerable Viking

Cheer & Song

Cheer & Song

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Wise words from many a folk’s favorite author, J.R.R. Tolkien. Cheer and Song, not to mention ale, fellowship, pipeweed, Elevenses and dragon slaying. . . Well maybe not that—because that’s basically what we’re talking about with the whole hoarded gold thing. So the moral is, don’t hoard your gold when you could enjoy the cheer this charcuterie board would bring you, you hobbit fan, you! This board is approximately 4-1/2 X 13 inches and technically not food safe. It’s  intended as a serving board or decor but we’re all adults here. We protect ours, not with a magic ring, but some plastic wrap to keep it neat and tidy. Bust out the pork pies! 

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