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The Venerable Viking

Bindrune Bauble

Bindrune Bauble

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These bindrune baubles offer talismanic protection based on Norse mythology. Additionally, they can be charged with essential oil, providing a pleasant scent to your car or home. They are a versatile decoration, suitable to be placed in windows, hung from lamp shades, or attached to rear view mirrors. Their rustic design will add a Viking style to any environment, and they are also easy to use and maintain. With the right care, your bindrune bauble can offer you years of protection and enjoyment. These baubles are about 2-1/4 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch thick with natural hemp or jute cord and beads of wood and acrylic.  

Body and Mind: These bindrunes are crafted from Uruz ᚢ and Kenaz ᚲ for healing, Gebo ᚷ for equilibrium, Pertho ᛈ for mental wellness, Teiwaz ᛏ for recouperation and Lagaz ᛚ for vitality.

Safe Traveller: This bindrune is designed to safeguard travelers. We have one in each of our vehicles, and we also provide them to family and friends to ensure extra protective luck while journeying. It is made with Ehwaz ᛖ and Raidho ᚱ for safe journeys along with Eihwaz ᛇ for general protection.

Protection: This bindrune is composed of five distinct runes that provide robust defense from any angle or circumstance. It contains Raidho ᚱ for safe travel. It also has Berkana ᛒ, Algiz ᛉ, Eihwazᛇ, and Thurisaz ᚦ for strengthened protection from any avenue.

Leadership: This bauble is crafted from seven distinct runes to grant those in positions of leadership or those aspiring to leadership unique power. To charge it, utilize musky oil and suspend in a workspace! It has Ansuz ᚨ for influence and confidence, Wunjo ᚹ for fulfillment in career, Eihwaz ᛇ to remove obstacles, Algiz ᛉ for building friendships, Sowilo ᛋ for self-confidence, Mannaz ᛗ for cooperation from others, ands Laguz ᛚ to boost your intuition.

Good Fortune: This bindrune bauble serves as an effective talisman for generating fortunate outcomes. It was created with the intention of promoting general luck and success for a variety of tasks, although it likely won't guarantee a lottery jackpot win. With this talisman, you may find yourself favored in competitions, receiving assistance from strangers, avoiding common pitfalls, and even lucking out on a couple scratch-offs.  It combines Wunjoᚹ & Hagalazᚺ for luck ᛫Algizᛉ to strengthen luck ᛫Tiewazᛏ for victory ᛫Mannazᛗ for assistance ᛫Ingwazᛝ for sudden energy ᛫Dagazᛞ for financial gains. 

Each bauble provides a unique bead assortment to give it a special shine. Please reach out to us for a customized color, and we will do our best to accommodate. Constructed from a natrial wood slice, these baubles make a primitive addition to any decor. They're a great way to express your unique Norse style. 

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