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The Venerable Viking

Always Watching Slenderman

Always Watching Slenderman

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This guy always creeps us out. Yes, even Vikings!  

From Tinder Profile:


  • Folklore Stalker
  • Lives in mostly abandoned places & woods
  • Less than 24 feet away

Looking for a soulmate with common interests.

Others categorize my body type as thin, unnaturally tall and say I have a featureless white head and face. I will admit I’m somewhat of a fashion train wreck because I only wear a black suit—it’s the only thing I can get to fit me off-the-rack. Although I’m technically only about 14 years old, I’m very mature and responsible—some may say driven.  I am looking for my soulmate. I love children! In fact, my hobbies are abducting or traumatizing people, particularly children. 

Appx size of this piece is 5x9

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