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The Venerable Viking



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This bookbox pays a creepy, thrilling homage to the horror/comedy classic, The Evil Dead while at the same time giving a nod to the classic Necronomicon of Lovecraftian lore! Choose from a variety of brooding finishes, featuring the Evil Dead's iconic human-face on one side and Lovecraft's creepy cover on the other!

Make your best attempt to glean the secrets of the dead with a real-life Necronomicon*. The perfect mix of eerie and entertaining, this bookbox takes horror fans to a whole new level. Just don't forget to say "Klaatu Barada Nikto" before you open it!

Our wooden bookboxes come in several styles and finishes. Most have detail on front, inside, and some have imagery on the back as well.  These stylish and unique bookboxes make a perfect addition to any home office, library, or living space. Keep your favorite belongings safe and add a touch of beauty to the shelves!

*if you have one, otherwise your results may vary. Otherwise store some horrific belongings in this cool box!

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