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The Venerable Viking

Book: Jedi Texts

Book: Jedi Texts

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This wooden bookbox is inspired by the Jedi Texts in the most recent installments of the SWCU. Measuring approximately 7x10x2, it has detail on front, inside, and back as well. We feel it’s a very clever place to hide your actual Jedi texts. Plus it makes the small, unassuming and, if we are being honest, unimpressive Jedi texts (which everyone knows were hastily scrawled on a few beer-sodden drink napkins from some ancient cantina out in the outer rim) appear a little more credible-looking.  

Our wooden bookboxes come in several styles and finishes. Most have detail on front, inside, and some have imagery on the back as well.  These stylish and unique bookboxes make a perfect addition to any home office, library, or living space. Keep your favorite belongings safe and add a touch of beauty to the shelves!

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